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Benefits biodiversity and organic farming

Conventional farming refers to farming systems which include the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to boost plant productivity. These synthetic product and industrial farming practices, such as monocropping and intensive tillage, have caused a buildup of salts in soil, heavy metal contamination and accumulation of nitrate. Compromising this way soil health over time.

On the other hand organic farming is an agricultural system that helps to build healthy soil, avoiding the need for heavy synthetic fertilizer and pesticide use while protecting natural biodiversity in healthy soil. With techniques such as use of compost and crop rotation, organic farming is based in the concept of working "with nature" instead of against it.

This picture was taken in one of our organic land that has almond trees. We are able to see one of the benefits of organic farming which is biodiversity. Organic farming led to higher weed diversity on farmed fields.

We love how wild plants are important for animals such as birds and bees helping to maintain biodiversity, to increase soil health and environmental protection.

What a beautiful landscape which is a benefit for the planet.

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