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About Biovallega

All of our previous generations that we remember have been dedicated to agriculture. Biovallega is a family business that produces and distributes organic products, we look for the excellence in all the necessary steps to achieve a healthy and quality product.

We are a company that sells 100% organic products with a wide network of reliable producers & suppliers throughout Spain and we operate in the national and international market.

Our mission is to feed the world with organic products.​

Olive Oil Bottles

What We Do

We buy organic products throughout Spain to distribute them to any point where the client wishes.
Our suppliers must allow the control of their products and their facilities, since consumer safety is the most important thing for us.

Our Premium Products


Types of Organic Olive Oil

  • Hojiblanca: its flavor reminds of fresh grass, has notes of almond and provides a slight itch in the mouth. It is ideal for raw recipes, to prepare sauces, marinated meats and blue fish such as salmon or tuna. Its flavor and aromatic richness make it the ideal companion to prepare creams, pasta dishes, stir-fries and vegetable preserves.

  • Arbequina: it is characterized by its fruity aroma, reminiscent of apple and banana. In terms of flavor, this type of oil is softer and even sweet. This variety is best integrated into pastry recipes. 

  • Picual: this variety of oil is more intense. From its tasting you can perceive a marked aroma of olive, tomato and fig, bitter and spicy notes. 

  • Cornicabra: produces an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with high stability and excellent organoleptic characteristics. With a pleasant aroma, Cornicabra stands out in the mouth for a level of bitterness and spicy means. The early picking oils are more spicy and the later picking oils are sweeter. 


Organic Almond

  • Marcona almond: It is the most appreciated variety from the commercial point of view, for being unique in its flavor and quality. The grain is medium to large in size, round, somewhat globose and compact.

  • Largueta almond: after the marcona is the most valued, its main use is for toast, for the ease that presents its skin to be peeled, once submitted to this process, also if you use peel for pastry This almond has its main characteristics elongated shape and its sweet and smooth flavor.

  • Comuna almond: encompasses the rest of varieties that are not - Marcona or Largueta, the main varieties are Ferrranges, Ferraduel, Guara, Antoñeta, etc. The almond is used to transform it, being its main use for baking.

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Organic Lentil

  • Castilian lentil: Light green and bleached tones, which are darkening with time and fairly large and regular size. It has very thin skin, highlighted by its tenderness and its mild flavor, as well as its excellent cooking in any type of water.

  • Pardina lentil: is small in size, earthy brown pulling reddish, with small black spots on its skin. Once cooked it has a very thin skin, almost imperceptible, and it remains whole



Pedrosillano chickpea: it is a small and rounded chickpea. The color of light brown, pulling to orange and with slightly marked wrinkles

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Calle Eleuterio Revuelta, 19119 Illana, Guadalajara, Spain

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