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Reforestation project

What is the reforestation project about?

The reforestation project is part of the Illana (GU) – Hiking and Bike Cross Circuit through the landscapes of the Alcarria Baja. The project will improve the route, create rest areas, and reforest.

Biovallega is part of the reforestation along a hiking and bike cross route of approximately 30 km through the landscapes of the Alcarria Baja within the Natura 2000 Sierra de Altomira plan.

The project has a total budget of €100,000, of which €16,000 will be allocated to reforestation.

a) What are the goals of the project?
The goal of the reforestation project is to plant native trees and aromatic plants along the route, which will be of interest to wildlife and provide a pleasant experience for visitors. The project will also help to protect the biodiversity of the area.

b) Why is the project being done?
The overall project has the following objectives:

  • Sports: To encourage outdoor exercise
  • Environmental education: Guided tours will be offered to inform visitors about the biodiversity of the different areas, always instilling respect and love for nature.
  • Advertising: To promote agricultural and livestock products to help businesses in the area.
  • Job creation: To promote growth and increase social cohesion.

c) ¿Who are the participants in the project?
The participants in the project are the Illana City Council and businesses in the area.

d) ¿How long will the project last?
The project is expected to last at least 4 years, from 2023 to 2027.